Training of corporate security specialists

The key to achieving high results is continuous self-development and improvement. We help you gain the needed knowledge through our own methods and advanced training courses, as well as through partnership programs with universities.

The unique methods developed by the Association's experts are based solely on practical experience in the corporate security and the risk management in business.

Training in these methods is included in advanced training courses (16 academic hours) both at a partner and the Association's training centers.

For those who want to obtain additional higher education and/or occupational retraining including MBA (from 72 to 512 academic hours) with higher national diplomas and certificates, we offer affiliate programs with the country’s leading universities in “Economic Security”, “Risk Management”, “Internal Audit” and other specialties.

We offer only specialized programs focused on practical experience, which are based on the time-tested knowledge.

The average professional experience of the board members is at least 25 years old !

The total amount of savings in successfully implemented business security function projects over the period of professional activity exceeds 600 billion rubles! !

This knowledge we are ready to share:

Why you need a security service (clients, services, controls, level of support, KPIs, etc.)

Prevention of theft, corruption, and fraud

Automated screening of candidates and business partners

Internal investigations and evidence documenting (including methodology and tactics of investigation of the most difficult cases of theft, fraud, and corruption)

Control of core business processes (procurement, sales, logistics, etc.)

Control of operational processes (construction, production, warehouse operations, etc.)

Production losses prevention

Loss management in retail

Risk management

Collection services

Antifraud systems and data analytics

Physical security

Ensuring the safety of facilities

Information Security and Incident Management

And much more!    

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