Development of functional strategies of the corporate security

The functional strategy of the corporate security is necessary to understand development directions and business goals achieving

The business cannot be static, and if a company's security department does not know how to keep up with the business, then it becomes ineffective.

The functional strategy of the corporate security is a development plan for a certain period.

How will a corporate security change? What processes will a control system cover? What kind of risk management solution is a company currently applying and will apply as we enter the era of digital transformation and artificial intelligence? What resources (human, time, financial) will be used to carry out the controls in the near future? What challenges will we face and how will we solve them?

The answers to these and many other questions related to sustainable business development should be included in the functional strategy of a corporate security. A strategy should be developed in line with an understanding of the strategic objectives of the business, and the key elements of the corporate security.

The average professional experience of the board members is at least 25 years old !

The total amount of savings in successfully implemented business security function projects over the period of professional activity exceeds 600 billion rubles! !

The development of strategies included:

Description of the current maturity of the corporate security through the components of advanced security management models and best subject-matter practices

Creation of a risk matrix with research areas statement

A list of formalized and actually controlled processes in the area of the corporate security responsibility

Description of current processes “as is” in the form of process maps

Description of the labor costs of the processes in terms of value

Detection of areas for improvements of existing processes, current controls and risk management systems

SWOT analysis of the corporate security

Determination of the target state of the corporate security

Description of the key objectives for planning and budgeting the security department

Description of the organizational structure of the security service in accordance with the goals and objectives

Creation of a corporate security development program over a defined time horizon and a transition plan to the target state

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