Development of functional strategies of the corporate security

A functional security strategy is necessary to understand the direction of development and to achieve the goals.

Business cannot be static, and if a company’s security team fails to keep up with business, it loses its efficiency.

A functional security strategy is a road map for development over a certain period of time.

How will the security service change? What processes will the control system cover? What risk management technologies are being applied now and will be applied in the future, given the advent of an era of digital transformation and the development of artificial intelligence? What resources (human, temporary, financial) will be used for monitoring in the foreseeable future? What challenges have to be addressed and how to prepare for them?

The answers to these and many other questions related to sustainable business development must be found in the functional strategy of the security service, developed in accordance with the understanding of the strategic objectives of the business,  and the key elements of the security system.

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What is included in the development of strategies:

Description of the current state of maturity of the security function by components of advanced safety management models and best practices in the field

Compilation of risk matrix with description of research areas

List of formalized and actually managed processes in the area of responsibility of the security service

Process description «as is» as process maps

Process labour in value terms

Detect areas of improvement in existing processes, ongoing monitoring and risk management

SWOT-Security Function Analysis

Define the target state of the security function

Description of key planning and budgeting objectives of the security function

Description of the organizational structure of the security service in accordance with the objectives and

Development of a time-bound security development programme and a transition plan

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