Services for the digital transformation of the corporate security

A digital transformation of the corporate security is necessary to maximize the efficiency of the function and to manage resources like people, time, and money in the most effective manner. Big Data and Antifraud analytical technologies are required tools today.

The automation of controls, end-to-end deviation and risk search in core business processes, predictive analytics based on big data, detection of signs of fraud and corruption with hardware tools, all these tools and technologies significantly increase the operational efficiency of the corporate security.

We know how to create digital copies of core business processes in multi-sector companies. We know how to build Antifraud control systems and understand the logic behind the risk indicators. We can develop incident response rules for specific processes in specific companies. We know how to build eco-systems for predictive analytics and risk management, and we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with those who need it. 

The average professional experience of the board members is at least 25 years old !

The total amount of savings in successfully implemented business security function projects over the period of professional activity exceeds 600 billion rubles! !

The process of the digital transformation includes:

Audit of the core internal security processes and cross-functional operational processes

Audit of the client's key business processes requiring the controls and risk management tools 

Risk analysis in business processes according to an agreed list

Analysis of existing controls in economic, physical, and information security areas

Recommendations for digital copies of core business processes

Development or description of risk indicators for deviations to be deemed incidents

Development of incident response/detection rules

Recommendations for security automation and risk management tools and technologies including:

  • SRM
  • Electronic questionnaires and checklists
  • BI- analytics data systems
  • Automated systems of scoring business partners
  • Automated systems of screening candidates
  • Automated control systems for the movement of goods and materials, raw materials, vehicles, etc.
  • Automated systems for perimeter security and video analytics
  • Linking systems to discover common aspects
  • Antifraud solutions

Recommendations on modernization / further configuration / integration of the company's ERP systems, etc.

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