Development of business security models

A dedicated model of your company’s security system is a key to high-functioning security.

The security system model right for an oil and gas company is not right for a retail company, the model of a mining or agricultural holding does not work for telecommunications companies and banks.

Therefore, our expertise in the business’s strategic and operational components and their interdependence on controls elements within the key business processes allows modelling of a reliable and effective security system finely tuned to a company.  

The average professional experience of the board members is at least 25 years old !

The total amount of savings in successfully implemented business security function projects over the period of professional activity exceeds 600 billion rubles! !

The service of security modelling includes:

Identification of the business development factors, industry specifics, regulatory requirements and strategic goals that determine security requirements

Planning of activities and resources required for the effective functioning of the security unit

Measures and resources planning required to fuel the corporate security

Recommendations for functional teams, roles and responsibilities of staff involved into corporate security

Recommendations for processes, procedures, and methods to manage and implement security programs

Recommendations for security procedures, regulations, and standards

Recommendations for developing a control framework and implementing risk management technologies

Recommendations for establishing key performance indicators for the function

Recommendations for a control system and implementation of risk management methods

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