Development of business security models

Выстраивание целевой модели системы безопасности компании – ключевой фактор результативности и эффективности функции.

The oil and gas company’s safety model cannot be effective in retail, the mining or agricultural holding model is not suitable for telecom companies and banks.

Precisely because of this, a clear understanding of the strategic and operational components of business in relation to the elements of the control system of key business processes allow to build a suitable model of reliable and effective security system, individual for different industry companies.  

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What is included in the service of building security models:

Identification of corporate factors of business development, industry specifics, regulatory requirements and strategic objectives that define security requirements

Planning of activities and resources required for the effective functioning of the security unit

Definition of principles and requirements for maintaining the Company’s security service

Recommendations for the establishment of functional teams, roles and responsibilities of security escorts and staff

Recommendations for building processes, procedures and methods for managing and executing security programs

Recommendations for developing safety procedures, regulations and standards

Recommendations for developing a control framework and implementing risk management technologies

Recommendations for establishing key performance indicators for the function

Security compliance and project management assessment

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