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About us

The International Corporate Security Association

A non-profit organization of experts in the corporate security, risk management, and compliance areas. We promote modern approaches to business sustainability, develop standards and services to ensure security in the corporate environment.

Our mission

Help businesses be sustainable and efficient

We believe that the corporate security helps Business achieve strategic goals.

We know that risk management and proper goal setting are the main key points of the corporate security.

We aim to create a predictive and analytical model of the corporate security to help Business achieve its key objectives.

We realize that the corporate security is a service for Businesses, so provide the highest quality.

We can create the corporate security value and add it to your product value chain.

We believe the corporate security costs shall be justified by its performance.


A business security audit (BSA) is an essential tool in assessing the current controls and risk management systems, their usefulness and effectiveness for a company.
A dedicated model of your company’s security system is a key to high-functioning security.
The functional strategy of the corporate security is necessary to understand development directions and business goals achieving
A digital transformation of the corporate security is necessary to maximize the efficiency of the function and to manage resources like people, time, and money in the most effective manner. Big Data and Antifraud analytical technologies are required tools today.

The key to achieving high results is continuous self-development and improvement. We help you gain the needed knowledge through our own methods and advanced training courses, as well as through partnership programs with universities.


Who we can help

Shareholders and business owners

The objectivity of both existing and future problems is not always fully reflected in the information from the business functions.

CEOs and Managers

The director and head of business functions don’t always have a clear understanding of what the security function in a company does and the benefits it can bring to the business.

Who needs help with security

Large and medium enterprises; Manufacturing industry and the service sector; Agribusiness and retail. A proper understanding of the effective security function is required across all business sectors.

Security officers of commercial organizations

A civil service professional needs retraining to be more efficient and useful in a company. We help them!

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